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Off to the new world


Dan’s Famous Blog has moved.

Embrace change.

Join us here:

Party on!


Migrating to platform


For my next number, I will migrate this blog to the platform at

Please secure your seat belts and prepare to migrate.

I hope this goes smoothly.

Do I Need Firewall Software on My PC?


Maaris Dravnieks in San Francisco, 2009

The legendary programmer Maaris Dravnieks pointed out that a software firewall running on a PC can make it so slow that you will think it’s 1999. If you have experienced this yourself, then you may also have had the thought “Do I really need this firewall?”

In my opinion: Read more…

Survey Results!


Last month, I presented a set of survey questions, and now, ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to report the summary results, as promised.

Salzburg Strasse. Photo by Erwin Kuhn

You are overwhelmingly female, with household income exceeding USD 100,000. You are well-educated, with post graduate education.

Most of you admit to having read at least one blog article, but you can’t remember which one it was. Most of you would like to see a new blog article weekly or biweekly.

As for whether Dan’s Famous Blog is the world’s best blog, most of answered unequivocally “maybe”.

Most of you enjoyed the survey and want to take another one.

There was one respondent.

Till next week: Adios, senorita!

Survey Time!


This survey takes less than 2 minutes (unless you want to dawdle — take your time).

Contribute your immortal wisdom and pithy comments.

Click here to take survey

You could win big. On the other hand, maybe not.

Party on.

The World’s Best Article on How to Start a Blog

John David Drake

John David Drake

The aura of the well-turned phrase surrounds John David Drake, who advises clients of Dynamics Online, Inc. how to manage their social web presences. When I elected to dip a toe in the blogging lagoon, I needed advice on tools, tricks, pitfalls and strategy. And since I didn’t have a clue, I needed to know how to get started. I asked Mr. Drake. Here is his excellent advice.
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The Calculator of Howard Aiken

Harvard Mark I (IBM, 1944)

Photo by IBM

In 1944, IBM delivered the ASCC Automated Sequence Controlled Calculator, better known as the Harvard Mark I, to a physics laboratory at Harvard University. Read more…